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Mac Truque From the 1969 Capitol Records Release -
Garry Mac and the Mac Truque
"Truqued Up"

"Mac Truque is the power-house name of probably the biggest five-man group to ever turn on an amplifier. Big, because these five guys manage to play 13 instruments, and sing too, and their versatility and flexibility are amazing. Great, and nothing short of amazing!
Groups come and groups go, but the Mac Truque, arranger and organizer Garry Mac put the whole thing together seven years ago (1962), and they've been under full power ever since, traveling and performing all over the country without even a pause to record a debut album for Capitol, which was made during a concert. Garry founded the Truque on the philosophy of a driving instrumental sound, and to make sure it drives well, all the guys play a brass instrument (four trumpets and three trombones are involved). Everybody sings, and not one of the guys plays fewer than five instruments, with Garry playing everything (rarely drums). All hail from Kansas City, and the rest of the story can be heard right here. It's a dramatic experience in talent, skill and big exciting sound!"
The Mac Truque features:  
Garry Mac - leader & lead guitar, plus vocals and all the instruments
Ray Bagby ("Bags") - drums, plus vocals, trumpet, trombone, organ and bass
Dani Gregory - organ & lead vocals, plus trumpet, bass, drums and harmonica
Tim Ballard - sax, plus lead vocals, trumpet, trombone, bass and organ
Bud Haney - bass, plus vocals, guitar, trumpet, trombone and organ
Congratulations to Garry Mac & the Mac Truque
inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame -
March 22, 2008
Sahara-Tahoe : California - December, 1969
Garry Mac - also pictured Robert Goulet, Bob Melvin and Carey Garlin.

International Hotel : Las Vegas, NV - August, 1970
The Mac Truque played with Ike & Tina Turner
and Redd Foxx... and a few other acts were there too.

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