How much does the band cost? How long do they play?
There are many different factors that determine the cost: size of the band, date, location, any requested vocalists, instrumentation, length of time you would like the band to play, etc. Typically, the band will play four 45-minute sets with three 15-minute breaks within a designated 4-hour time period. With prior arrangements, we would be happy to play longer — whether it be more sets or longer sets.

Sound and Lights? Stage Requirements?
The band has a professional sound system and lighting rig to cover most any venue. It is helpful if we know in advance if we are playing to 50 people or 5,000 so we can bring the appropriate system for the event. Unless other arrangements are made, the band will provide its own sound and lighting. However, the client must make arrangements with the venue for the stage and electrical requirements. As per our contract, we require 4 separate 20 amp circuits for the PA, lighting and stage instruments. Unless otherwise specified, we will require either a 16′ x 24′ stage or equivalent space. Twelve people can take up a lot of room!

How long do they require to set up their equipment?
Depending on the venue, the band can set up, do a sound check and be ready to play in about 2 hours comfortably — less if time is tight. Before we arrive, however, the room must be available, the correct size stage must be set and clear of any obstructions and all power needs (i.e. spider box) must be met. Some venues are more time consuming to get all the equipment into the room and elevators can get crowded (florists, catering, etc.). Therefore, it is best to let us know what time your guests will be arriving, so we can get in and set up prior to the doors opening for the guests.

Will they learn a special song?
Sure! As long as we are notified 30 days prior to your date, we are usually able to accommodate your request.

Will they be dressed appropriately?
Unless other arrangements are made, the band will be in tuxedos or black suits and the vocalists will be dressed in a manner suitable for the event.
Of course, many outdoor events are more casual…just let us know and we will dress accordingly. We have had occasions where clients have provided specific attire for the band — from white dinner jackets to tye-dye t-shirts for a 60’s theme!

What about the volume?
The speakers may be big but that doesn’t mean they have to be loud (unless you ask for it loud!). We will bring an appropriately sized sound system and run it accordingly. We understand that your guests want to talk during dinner and that when it is time to dance, you want to feel the beat. If at any time you feel that the volume should come up or down, please let our Sound Engineer or the band leader know and it will be adjusted.

Background / break music?
During our breaks, we will play appropriate music – light jazz during dinner, more dance music at the end of the night. If you would like to provide your own music for the breaks, please provide us with a Playlist, iPod, or you can burn a cd.

Where can I see the band?
We primarily play private events. If we play an event open to the public, it will be posted on our
main page. Please check with the office for other arrangements to see the band.

How do I book the band?

To get the ball rolling, call our office at 913.469.9009 or email or fill out a form on our.
We can then discuss the specifics of your event (date, location, budget, etc.) with you and make sure your event is a success.

Will they travel?
Absolutely! We do a lot of out of town events. Depending on the distance, we drive or fly out. Please contact us for further information.